The New York Flora Association welcomes you

All interested persons are invited to join the New York Flora Association, a membership-based organization dedicated to the promotion of field botany and greater understanding of the plants that grow in the wild in New York State. Ours is a non-profit group funded largely by member dues and gifts, but we may also accept grant funds.

NY Flora Atlas

The NY Flora Atlas is NYFA's flagship product completed in partnership with herbaria across the northeast. The atlas is a source of information for the distribution of plants within the state, as well as information on plant habitats, associated ecological communities, and taxonomy.

NYFA's YouTube Channel

A new addition to the NYFA products is the NYFA YouTube Channel where there is a collection of online videos from botanical experts describing how to identify various plant species.These videos provide tips and tricks often not found in standard manuals.

Taxonomy Changes within Newcomb's Wildflower Guide

Since Newcomb's wildflower guide was published in 1977 there have been a fair amount of scientific name changes, about 350. Steve Young, NYFA Board Member, has updated the scientific names of Newcomb's to the names that are now in the New York Flora Atlas. There is a change on almost every page of the guide and it takes a little while to write in the new names but it's worth the effort, especially with all the name changes for the asters. As more names change, as they undoubtedly will, Steve will continue to update the list. Click here to see the list.

Herbarium Label Making Program (Theo)

An Access database to manage individual botanist's herbarium collections and print labels is available from the New York Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP). This was originally created by NYNHP asĀ  freeware, but the file does not include any technical support. We are currently looking for a new sponsor to ensure this software stays up-to-date. To access the installation files CLICK HERE.