The New York Flora Association welcomes you

All interested persons are invited to join the New York Flora Association, a membership-based organization dedicated to the promotion of field botany and greater understanding of the plants that grow in the wild in New York State. Ours is a non-profit group funded largely by member dues and gifts, but we may also accept grant funds.

2017 New York Flora Association Research Awards 

Purpose and Eligibility

This award is designed to promote botanical research in the state of New York. Proposals may be submitted by NYFA members and non-member students conducting research relating to the flora of New York, especially when a substantial portion of the work occurs within the state.

Award Level and Announcement

Awards are generally limited to $500 to support each recipient’s research proposal. The award winners will be posted on-line, published in the NYFA newsletter, and announced at the 2016 NYFA annual membership meeting.

Proposal Evaluation                                                                                                        

Proposals will be evaluated by a committee appointed by the NYFA board. Decisions will be based on the quality of the proposal and the merits of the research to be performed, as well as the feasibility of the study.

Proposal Guidelines 

The application shall consist of:

  1. Title Page - must include: title of proposal, name of investigator(s), and the investigator’s institutional and departmental affiliation (student investigators should also include the year of study and name of student’s research advisor).
  2. Narrative - must be between 1,200 - 2,000 words, with a description of the research, including appropriate conceptual background, purpose or objective, brief outline of methodology, the potential contribution or significance to the botanical sciences in New York, and a bibliography. The narrative should be written in Microsoft Word in Times New Roman 11 point font, double-spaced.
  3. Budget - (one page maximum) detailing how the funds would be used.
  4. Letter of Support - (one page maximum) from a supervisor, colleague/collaborator, or a student’s research advisor.

DEADLINE: Proposals and supporting letters must be received by March 31, 2017.  Submit required materials by email as a WORD or PDF file to  

Project Completion                                                                                                         

Awardees will be required to prepare a summary of their project by October 1, 2017 for inclusion in the Winter 2017 NYFA newsletter.